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The Gatekeeper

,,The Gatekeeper'', also known as Nydharia in her youth, was left on a door step, orphan and without relatives or friends at the time
she grew a passion towards reading.
She had a certain hunger towards knowledge and power from a fragile age. She quickly became a favorite student of the magi masters in the tower
of Verzunn where she found a a place to call home and where she spent most of her life not being tempted or interested in the outside world.
They saw the potential and the
will for knowledge as a peak of attributes in a student but also a threat, fearing that some information was better
kept secret and hidden inside the books, deep within the shadowy corridors and spiral libraries of the tower.
Nydharia despite her dissapointment was born a human and the tower of Verzunn is known for its legendary size.
Books hold a lot of secrets and Nydharia was quickly interested in learning the ways of lockpicking and sneaking, not only that
she became a master of these particular skill